Kevin Hannay

“Life in harmony with your body’s natural rhythms is something every person should be able to enjoy.”

I can remember becoming aware of the importance of circadian rhythms during Marine Officer Candidate School. Perpetual night operations taught me that the effort required to stay awake and alert varied wildly through the night. Near the circadian low-point mishaps and slow responses are the norm. Moreover, these effects can only be mitigated slightly by training- there is no muscling through fundamental biology. While deployed I experienced the detrimental effects that shift work can have on health and mental acuity while standing watch in a 24-hour operations center. 

On my return to graduate school at the University of Michigan I discovered the mathematics behind these rhythms and met my new officemate Olivia Walch. Olivia and I soon discovered we were interested in many of the same things, including a vision for using mathematics to help correct peoples biological clocks. At Arcascope I can see our inventions being applied to improve peoples sleep, health and well-being.

Open science matters to us.
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