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Shift helps shift workers sleep better, feel better, and be safer on the job.

Customized recommendations

Each recommendation is generated to fit your shift schedule, your chronotype, and your goals.

Daily highlights

Now, you finally have the ability to see what your body’s clock has in store for the day.

Real-time guidance

Walk through each day with the convenience of real-time circadian advice.

Stay on track

Keep you body’s clock on track each day by following Shift’s simple recommendations.

Plan your day

Easily plan your daily activities according to the most optimal times for your body.

Simplify your sleep

By being in control of your body’s clock, you’ll finally be in control of your sleep.

Explore your clock

View your health data in a whole new way with our personalized graphs.

Interested shift workers can apply for early app access through our Early Access Program.

To apply, simply download the app and request access.

Download on the App Store