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How to beat jet lag

Ah travel—booking tickets, hopping on a plane, immersing yourself in a new locale, and…feeling more tired than you’ve ever felt before. Jet lag is our name for all of the circadian disruption—and subsequent fatigue—that comes from traveling and changing time zones. While we can’t help with the physical toll being in an airplane seat for […]

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New year, new look: Introducing our new logo

To match our company growth, we’re pleased to announce our redesigned logo and brand family. The new logomark reflects our name’s meaning of helping people see inside the black box of our circadian rhythms by using three stacked boxes in an ‘A’ monogram.  This brand will also grow with our growing product landscape as we […]

Circadian science

The Future of Circadian Rhythms in Healthcare (It’s more than just sleep!)

Sleep is heavily influenced by your circadian rhythms, but it’s not the only function in your body that falls into that category. In fact, circadian rhythms govern almost every process our body carries out over the day, including metabolism, immune response, DNA repair, and physical performance. One topic that’s been getting a lot of buzz […]